"When we see the Son"
(Colossians 1:15-20 - an early Christian hymn, in more modern dress)

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Be-hold, when we see the Son, we have seen the un-seen God.
This One came be-fore all things, born be-fore the world be-gan.

            For in Him all things were cre-a-ted,
            what we see and what we cannot grasp.
            Ev’-ry pow’r or ruler in ex-is-tence
            owes its life and ev’-ry-thing to him ... thru’ the Son, for this One.

He holds this frag-men-ted world in a bless-ed un-i-ty
And we, who are call’d his church, claim him as our living head.

            For in him, ev’-ry-thing that God is
            finds a home, a pleas-ing place to dwell.
            And thru’ him God is rec-on-cil-ing
            all the world, by shed-ding his own blood ... on a cross, not a loss.

For he, tho’ he died for us, is the first to rise again.
Be-hold, when we see the Son, there we see the liv-ing God.

for a print out of the music (melody with chords), click here.

        Permission granted to use this for worship purposes. Also, if you wish to tinker with the wording to make it rhyme better, feel free - just seek to a) keep faithful to the theology of the original, and b) keep it within the metre. If, indeed, Paul borrowed these words from a well-known hymn of the day (commentators are divided on this, see O'Brien for a comprehensive listing), then many hands may have been involved in composing it. It makes sense to do the same with this version. Let me know of your work.

Words & Tune:  ©2001, Peter L. Haynes

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